Into the Fire of Purgatory...

Character is Fate...

10 October 1986
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Kitchit was born in 1669. Kitchit is a History Major. Kitchit is believed to have attended a classical school. Kitchit speaks seven languages. Kitchit and her brother left home to participate in battles. Kitchit is an avid reader. Kitchit is a lover of books and stationary. Kitchit is a literary critic. Kitchit is a connoisseur of fine vodka. Kitchit is evolving. Kitchit has an intricate design. Kitchit was captured and tortured.

profile codes
absinthe with faust, anthropology, arsenic poisoning, atheism, baking, big butts, big hair, black fingernails, black metal, black russians, blowing bubbles, blue hair, blunt fringes, bondage, books, boys with angular glasses, candy coloured hair, catching snails, chastity belts, chunky silver rings, cigarette holders, circus freaks, cockrock, coffins, corsets, crack, cracked lips, cradle of filth, credit card fraud, cynicism, dancing, dimmu borgir, drag queens, dramatic make-up, drinking, eating strawberries, ensiferum, excessively large tits, fellatio, fetishism, finntroll, fishnet stockings, fluffy kittens, fortune cookies, french history, french revolution, french whores, genetic modification of foods, glasses, grammar, gummi bears, halloween, headbanging, history of psychiatry, holding hands, ice-cream and cupcakes, japanese street fashion, jealousy, judas priest, knee-high boots, laughing, licking stamps, literature, lithographs, living, mandrake root, manowar, marduk, meaningful tattoos, megadeth, melbourne, metal, minestrone, minions, moleskines, motley crue, muddy feet, myth, nerds, old psychiatric hospitals, over-plucked eyebrows, pain, pale skin, photography, piercings, pink balloons, plastic breasts, playing in the rain, pointy shoes, poison, porridge, pouty lips, prague, prescription drugs, prohibitive standards of hygiene, pudding, purple hair, reading, red lips, routine, salem witch trials, satanic ritual, scaring children, scissors, selling cigarettes to puppies, serotonin, sex crimes, sharp shooting, shaved hairlines, sigmund freud, slamming it down fast, smiling, smoking crack, snow, society ladies, talking dirty, the 80's, the plague, the rain, the smell of books, train tracks, virgins, vodka, vulgarity, wet dreams, white knuckles, white teeth, whores, windmills, winter, working out, writing