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Day one.

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Feb. 28th, 2011 | 05:36 pm
I feel:: blahblah

First day. First day of Semester. First lecture of the year. First day at Caulfield campus. First day of the last year of my undergraduate degree. Early morning wake up. Unexpected rain. Got lost. Slipped on the concrete. Stood around awkwardly eating an apple. Had a lecture for what I think will be my favourite subject - The Holocast in an Age of Genocide - taught by a man whose parents were in Aushwitz, tutored by a woman whose parents were also in Aushwitz. Mindblowing already. Emotional, gruesome, inspiring. Caulfield is different. More alternatives. More hipsters. Less enthusiasm. More stupidity. Lots of fake tan (but you get that at both Monash campuses). Lots of under appreciation for the great resource we have that is our lecturer who knows too much and has seen everything. Rushed to the gym in the rain. Worked too hard. Rushed home to start reading. Got side-tracked. Looking forward to tomorrow. Lecture - Fears and Fantasies - Deviance and Criminality in the Modern World - Fuck yeah.

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