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Glamour Doll Eyes Review: Part I

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Feb. 20th, 2011 | 11:38 pm
I am in:: Make-up heaven
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So, Thursday was a pretty epic day for me. My Glamour Doll Eyes package came! I received the eyeshadow tower as ordered, some free samples and a scratchy type thing for a prize draw. These eyeshadows are amazing! Really, I think they are better than the MAC eyeshadows I own. So, I thought I'd do a little, mini review type thing for those of you out there that are in the market for some high-quality, low cost make-up. So, I ordered the custom eye-shadow tower with six eye-shadows:

1. Skin of a Killer

"Skin of a killer" is from the twi-shadows collection, inspired by Twilight, it's a pearly white with a gold sparkle. This is an excellent highlight colour and is so easy to blend with everything! It's a nice neutral and not so sparkly that you could only wear it at night. Definitely a fan of this.

2. Immature

The website describes this colour as bright green but I would definitely say this was more of a turqouise. I was hoping this colour would be a little brighter but I imagine when applied wet it is quite a bit more vibrant. I applied it dry and it was actually quite subtle...for me anyway. Again, it blends well and has an excellent consistancy.

3. Oddity

Again, the website describes this as "lime green" but I'm going with chartreuse. I was most excited about getting this one and I was not disappointed. It is so vibrant and you get so much colour pay-off when using so little product. When applied wet it is more matte and I would say definitely lime green but when dry it is this gorgeous (slightly sparkly) yellow-green. I would definitely recommend this one.

4. Love Affair

This colour confused me. The website explains this colour as a pinky gold and has two images of it. The one I have added above which clearly shows the pink side of the colour and then another image which shows the colour to be completely gold. I was hoping it would be the gorgeous strawberry pink in the image with gold sparkle and it was...but...it is very subtle. I would say definitely a highlight or corner of the eye colour because it does not have much colour to be honest. It's lovely as a highlight and the gold shows through nicely.

5. Stellar

This is a beautiful "matte black with shimmery purple and pink". When blended out the purple is quite dark and the black is quite evident. When packed on the lid Stellar is a beautiful purple with lots of dimension. Unfortunately this colour had a lot of fall out, about the same as you would get from any matte black. I love this though. It is one of my favourites for sure.

6. Stiletto

The website describes this as a "bright matte fuschia". That it ain't. It is not a bright pink at all but a medium purple I would say. This one didn't stun me or surprise me. It was alright. I'll use it. It blends well. Nice colour pay off. Not as described at all though.

I also ended up with two eye-shadows from the twi-shadows collection:

7. Premonition

This has to be my favourite of the bunch I got. It's a shimmery grey-lavender and it is absolutely stunning. I have never seen anything like it. I found I had to pack on the colour but it looked amazing when finished. This is a keeper.

8. Just Bitten

This one is hard to explain. it does not look like the website images and it is definitely not "burgundy". I would call it more of a salmon pink, but a little darker. It's difficult to describe, as I said but it is beautiful. Another one of my favourites. It'll be hard to find something to blend this with, perhaps brown? But I love it.

Overall, I love these products! I love them!! So little negative to say about them. I just ordered another six of their shadows and three eye-lights (glitter) and can't wait for them to arrive (this week!!). I would defintely recommend buying some shadows from Glamour Doll Eyes and trying them out.

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from: jozae
date: Feb. 22nd, 2011 03:50 am (UTC)

You're going to get me addicted to these!

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