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Too much too soon or too little too late?

Mar. 14th, 2011 | 04:49 pm
I can hear:: Emilie Simon - Dame de Lotus

Third year is difficult and stressful and I'm only three weeks into the semester. I don't think I have ever been so stressed; I don't think I have ever felt so intellectually stimulated either. I'm taking four subjects and two of them are great and two are not so great. I'm currently covering some heavy stuff, very emotional and very interesting in "The Holocaust in An Age of Genocide" (currently reading abut the SonderKommando) however, my lecturer has so much to say that he ends up getting off track and talking about irrelevant but fascinating topics and the tutor runs the tutorial like a lecture and then wonders why we say so little. I am disappoint. "Fears and Fantasies: Criminality and Deviance" has been bloody brilliant so far, we've covered witchcraft and this week are covering prisons and punishment. I find this subject very intellectually stimulating and enlightening but a guy is stalking me....Fail. "Magic, Science, Religion" is amazing. We're learning about materiality, ghosts, ritual and religion and cultural representations and explorations of each. It's challenging and overwhelming but in a great way. Finally, the first year subject I am taking, Medieval Europe, is teaching me the most. I have very little knowledge of the Roman Empire, the rise of Christianity and the politics of the Medieval period and this subject is giving me a firm grasp of all of these issues which I think is vital for me as I have an avid interest in medical history specifically in the Medieval period. As seems to be the theme this semester though, my tutor is terribly confusing and cannot run a tutorial. I really think that they should hire tutors based not only on their academic merit but on their ability to actually engage with students and encourage discussion. It seems that four out of four of my tutors were not judged on their teaching ability but solely on their academic interests.

I have the most reading/work to do this semester and the most pressure. I need to do incredibly well (maintain my HD average in my opinion) to gain a place in the honours program. I need to impress people in the History faculty. I need to excel. I need to not self destruct.

In non-university news, my best friend is having a joint birthday party with another dear friend of mine on Friday night. I can't wait. I need to get out of the house and dance and dress up on shake it. Also, Bar tab! Can I get a hell yeah?

Karl and I are looking for another apartment because we loathe ours and the lease expires in about a week. We're looking in Caulfield/Malvern/Carnegie or closer to Monash basically. That is another layer on the already thick layer of stress I have accumulating.

And, further on the horizon, Karl's mother is coming to visit in April (around Easter) which is always so uplifting and fun. I shall be in the midst of a study seclusion but there are always dinners and adventures when Mary is around and it always lifts Karl's spirits (and mine) to be around family.

So, back to work.
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Glamour Doll Eyes Review: Part III

Mar. 6th, 2011 | 05:41 pm
I am in:: Melbs
I can hear:: Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence

Yep, I just received another shipment of Glamour Doll Eyes shadows this week and I think this is the most impressed I have been. Oh boy, did I need to be impressed this week. After a return to uni and a stack of reading/writing/researching to do, I needed pretty relief. So, I ordered six shadows from the usual collection, one from the 80s collection and two eye lights and I was very impressed. As mentioned before. This time I decided to order some colours that I would never usually choose. I am so glad I did because those ones ended up being my favourites. So, away we go:

1. Jerrica

Jerrica is from the 80s collection and inspired by the show Jem. This looks a lot more vibrant on the website but it is a lovely, kind of citrus yellow with sparkle. It's pastel but still vibrant. It's really beautiful and I am loving it. I think this would be a great yellow to have in your collection if you want something that can be both subtle (when blended out) and vibrant (when packed on).

2. Phyrra

The website describes Phyrra as "hot pink" which I definitely disagree with. This is definitely a more purple pink  magenta to me and that was a little disappointing. But, like all GDE shadows it blends well and is as vibrant as the images show. Just not my favourite pink.

3. Sex Appeal

Sex appeal is a "blend of silver and teal" says the GDE website. Now, this one definitely reflects purple. It has an awesome peacock effect with swirls of teal and purple. It changes colour depending on where the light is hitting it. It's absolutely gorgeous, and super unique. I love this.

4. Urban Trash

Matte black. Probably the best I have ever used. This is way better than the Sugarpill matte black that I own. It's just so damned black! It's unbelievable. There's a lot of fall out but there always is with matte black shadows. Seriously, if you are wanting the deepest, blackest black there is you must buy this. I'm a fan.

5. Juicy Mango

The most gorgeous orange shadow on the planet. I got this one thinking that it would be totally unwearable and a joke but it is so beautiful. It is a beautiful mango sorbet orange with pink shimmer. The pink is an absolutely beautiful touch. So wearable and like many GDE shadows it can be totally wearble or outlandish. Whatever you want. Again, if you are in the market for orange shadows, don't go past this one.

6. Jealousy

This is a beautiful metallic green. It reminds me of Poison Ivy and would so fit into the upcoming Illamasqua collection. I am in love with this colour. Another one of the best eye-shadows I have ever used. Totally green. Totally metallic. Totally awesome. So intense. I don't even have words. This is great.

7. I also got an awesome deep blue shadow called Hello, Brooklyn but the images seem to be removed from the GDE site meaning it might not be sold from now on. It's shame because this was my favourite. A totally metallic, deep blue with glitter. It is super unique and I love it.

8. Little Black Dress

Little black dress is a super fine black glitter. I'm not overly impressed with this one. It's a little clumpy and not as sparkly as I would like. I probably wouldn't buy this one again but I'll try it over a matte black (URBAN TRASH!!) and get back to you. But, on its own I'm not in love.

9. Hollywood

This is a silver glitter. The sickest, most sparkly silver glitter I have ever used. I love this. I wore it over a wet silver shadow and it adhered beautifully, felt smooth to the touch and didn't fall off at all during the night. It is absolutely amazing. I would recommend it to anyone who adores a bright, sparkly, statement making eye look. I'm so all about this.

So, there you go. More GDE. There will be at least another two posts on this as I have another seven shadows coming this week and I recently received the Twilight collection which I must review for y'all. Yep, now I must return to the mundane drudgery of Sunda

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Day one.

Feb. 28th, 2011 | 05:36 pm
I feel:: blahblah

First day. First day of Semester. First lecture of the year. First day at Caulfield campus. First day of the last year of my undergraduate degree. Early morning wake up. Unexpected rain. Got lost. Slipped on the concrete. Stood around awkwardly eating an apple. Had a lecture for what I think will be my favourite subject - The Holocast in an Age of Genocide - taught by a man whose parents were in Aushwitz, tutored by a woman whose parents were also in Aushwitz. Mindblowing already. Emotional, gruesome, inspiring. Caulfield is different. More alternatives. More hipsters. Less enthusiasm. More stupidity. Lots of fake tan (but you get that at both Monash campuses). Lots of under appreciation for the great resource we have that is our lecturer who knows too much and has seen everything. Rushed to the gym in the rain. Worked too hard. Rushed home to start reading. Got side-tracked. Looking forward to tomorrow. Lecture - Fears and Fantasies - Deviance and Criminality in the Modern World - Fuck yeah.

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Feb. 25th, 2011 | 04:49 pm
I am in:: Home
I feel:: artisticartistic
I can hear:: Glee

Inspiration for my make-up look this evening.

Yep. Make-up is go. And, yes. You'd better believe that's my boy Gene in there!

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Glamour Doll Eyes Review: Part II

Feb. 23rd, 2011 | 03:39 pm

I received my second order from Glamour Doll Eyes yesterday morning, and yet again I am quite impressed. I ordered the shadow tower, two full sized eye-lights and a sample eye-light. This is my story, dun dun!

1. Olivia Green

Olivia Green is a matte green colour. It is a bit darker than the online image shows but it is fabulous. This is easily one of my favourite greens in my collection, and I love green shadow. This one had great colour payoff and was super, super easy to blend. I would highly recommend this one for you green lovers.

2. Ahoy! Sailor

Ahoy! Sailor is a gorgeous matte blue. Now, I don't wear blue eyeshadow because it tends to make me look like a whore. But, I thought: "What the heck" and thought I'd try this out. This is a very wearable blue, quite dark and excellent when worn in the crease. It has a little bit of fallout which is as hard to remove as matte black in my opinion. I wish it was a little darker but hey, it's still great.

3. Jailbreak

Jailbreak kind of shows up as a 'brain matter' grey in this image but it is actually a really, REALLY nice metallic grey. It's way more metallic than the website lets on and I was pleasantly surprised with this colour. I think it's my favourite of the bunch. It loses a lot of metallic-ness when blended out but gives a little shimmer which looks great just below the brow. I love this! BUY IT!

4. Graves in May

Colossal disappointment. This is the first, and I hope last, eye-shadow from GDE that I have absolutely disliked. The website describes this as "grey with pink undertones and multi colored shimmer" and in the image it looks a little like Urban Decay's 'Midnight Cowboy'  (which I love). Now, when I tried to use it I ended up with huge streaks of pink and an uneven coverage. I think maybe if you packed it on the lid you might get a great effect but...I didn't. I was so disappointed. With a name like "Graves in May" I expected it to be pretty freakin' awesome but yes...I did not like this at all. I don't even know if I could wear this as a highlight colour...It's way more pink than grey and it just doesn't work for me. Unimpressed unfortunately.

5. Bruised

Bruised is a really pretty, almost mauve, purple shadow with black undertones and aqua sparkles. I really liked this one. Quite subtle when blended out but packs a quite glittery punch when worn on the lid. Love this.

6. Shaded Orchid

Shaded orchid is described on the website as "a very dark purple" but I beg to differ. There is definitely a lot of pink to this one, maybe even a washed out port colour I would say. Again, I liked this one. Great colour pay off, hardly any fall out. But I do think there are better "purples" on the GDE website, for sure.

I also received some eye-lights which are basically a very, VERY fine glitter for the eyes. Well, not in the eye but you catch my meaning. These are super pigmented and look great over a white or black or even nude base. I was incredibly impressed and I have ordered more :O
I received:

7. Cashed out

Cashed out is a true, emerald green glitter powder. It's so bright and twinkly God damn it! All of the eye-lights go on really easily and they adhere so well. They felt smooth to the touch and I had way less fall out with these than I have ever had with other glitter shadows. The glitter really is like a powder, it is super fine which is great for the eyes. If you've ever had a chunky piece of glitter in your eye you will know how painful it can be. I'm pretty sure you could tip the whole jar of eye-lights in your eyes and it would feel fine...maybe not.

8. Rave

Rave is a deep purple glitter powder and I LOVE IT. this looks great, especially, over black. The same things I said for "Cashed Out" go for "Rave" too.

9. Pink Cadillac

Way too subtle for my liking but pretty none the less. It doesn't show up as the baby pink in the image on my skin, more of an opalesque glitter with hints of pink. I'll still rock it though. This would probably pop on dark skin though for sure.

There you go. There is my review. I was very impressed. Out of the 9 products I recieved I was blown away by seven of them, disliked one and was indifferent to one. That's a pretty good haul if you ask me. Which you are, so there. I have ordered another shadow tower, two eye-lights and a shadow from the GDE 80's collection. They should be arriving mid- next week. So stay tuned for that.

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Glamour Doll Eyes Review: Part I

Feb. 20th, 2011 | 11:38 pm
I am in:: Make-up heaven
I feel:: creativecreative

So, Thursday was a pretty epic day for me. My Glamour Doll Eyes package came! I received the eyeshadow tower as ordered, some free samples and a scratchy type thing for a prize draw. These eyeshadows are amazing! Really, I think they are better than the MAC eyeshadows I own. So, I thought I'd do a little, mini review type thing for those of you out there that are in the market for some high-quality, low cost make-up. So, I ordered the custom eye-shadow tower with six eye-shadows:

1. Skin of a Killer

"Skin of a killer" is from the twi-shadows collection, inspired by Twilight, it's a pearly white with a gold sparkle. This is an excellent highlight colour and is so easy to blend with everything! It's a nice neutral and not so sparkly that you could only wear it at night. Definitely a fan of this.

2. Immature

The website describes this colour as bright green but I would definitely say this was more of a turqouise. I was hoping this colour would be a little brighter but I imagine when applied wet it is quite a bit more vibrant. I applied it dry and it was actually quite subtle...for me anyway. Again, it blends well and has an excellent consistancy.

3. Oddity

Again, the website describes this as "lime green" but I'm going with chartreuse. I was most excited about getting this one and I was not disappointed. It is so vibrant and you get so much colour pay-off when using so little product. When applied wet it is more matte and I would say definitely lime green but when dry it is this gorgeous (slightly sparkly) yellow-green. I would definitely recommend this one.

4. Love Affair

This colour confused me. The website explains this colour as a pinky gold and has two images of it. The one I have added above which clearly shows the pink side of the colour and then another image which shows the colour to be completely gold. I was hoping it would be the gorgeous strawberry pink in the image with gold sparkle and it was...but...it is very subtle. I would say definitely a highlight or corner of the eye colour because it does not have much colour to be honest. It's lovely as a highlight and the gold shows through nicely.

5. Stellar

This is a beautiful "matte black with shimmery purple and pink". When blended out the purple is quite dark and the black is quite evident. When packed on the lid Stellar is a beautiful purple with lots of dimension. Unfortunately this colour had a lot of fall out, about the same as you would get from any matte black. I love this though. It is one of my favourites for sure.

6. Stiletto

The website describes this as a "bright matte fuschia". That it ain't. It is not a bright pink at all but a medium purple I would say. This one didn't stun me or surprise me. It was alright. I'll use it. It blends well. Nice colour pay off. Not as described at all though.

I also ended up with two eye-shadows from the twi-shadows collection:

7. Premonition

This has to be my favourite of the bunch I got. It's a shimmery grey-lavender and it is absolutely stunning. I have never seen anything like it. I found I had to pack on the colour but it looked amazing when finished. This is a keeper.

8. Just Bitten

This one is hard to explain. it does not look like the website images and it is definitely not "burgundy". I would call it more of a salmon pink, but a little darker. It's difficult to describe, as I said but it is beautiful. Another one of my favourites. It'll be hard to find something to blend this with, perhaps brown? But I love it.

Overall, I love these products! I love them!! So little negative to say about them. I just ordered another six of their shadows and three eye-lights (glitter) and can't wait for them to arrive (this week!!). I would defintely recommend buying some shadows from Glamour Doll Eyes and trying them out.

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Feb. 11th, 2011 | 05:31 pm
I feel:: blahblah

I've opened this page about fifty times today, hoping that something will come to me, words will pour out and fill this page. But no, I can't think of anything. I'm in a funk. I have been funkified. I don't feel sad, or angry or down, just flat. I've hung out with good friends this week, lost weight, and bought awesome things but I'm still flat lining. I can't even give you any interesting story that would make my flatness reasonable. I got nothin'. It's Valentine's day on Monday and Karl is taking me to France-Soir, a French restaurant I love, love, LOVE; It is Karl's 25th birthday on Tuesday and I am baking him a caramel mud cake (amongst other things) and spoiling him all day; I just ordered six eye-shadows that I have wanted for months and am purchasing some Too Faced items shortly but still I feel flat. I'm usually so excited about Valentine's day (and French food, Mon dieu!) and about Karl's birthday but the wind has been knocked out of my sails.

We're going out tomorrow night with my best friend and her partner. I'm hoping an awesome night of drinking, dancing and craziness will blow me back up and fill me with hope and love and glitter again.

Also, two weeks and three days until I return to uni for the final year of my undergraduate degree. I've started doing the readings for the first year subject I am taking and I hate it already. It's about medieval Europe but I have discovered it focuses on Christianity primarily. Why the flop not call the subject "Christianity in the medieval period" instead of leading little ol' me to believe that I would be studying all facets of the medieval period? Sigh.

I'm out.
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Not this time Yasi

Feb. 3rd, 2011 | 11:15 am
I feel:: relievedrelieved

After a day of bursting into tears at the gym, and shaking uncontrollably on the tram; A night of heavy drinking to subdue the nerves and sleeplessness we have confirmation that both my family and Karl's are okay after Cyclone Yasi. The most severe part of the storm went through Tully and Innisfail which are about an hour from Cairns. I am so relieved and kind of surprised that Cairns fared the best of all the towns in the path of Yasi. I am overwhelmed with joy that my family is okay (I am yet to hear from my brother but he was further away from the danger zone still).

This has been one of the most stressful experiences of my life. It's so hard to watch towns that were so much a part of your childhood be turned into a pile or rubble and mud. It is difficult to stand helpless, several states away, while your family lives through the worst storm in Australian history. This experience has also shown me the true soul of many of the people I know. I have had so many kind words of support offered to me from my close friends and even those people I don't know too well..ahem...my gym instructor who I cried all over yesterday. I am also surprised at the lack of sensitivity and regard that some of my closer friends have shown in this stressful time. I have also grown more attached to my Queensland heritage. Watching the news and talking to friends and family in Cairns, I heard the same solidarity, the same sense of surety that "everything will be fine".That is just the small-town, Queensland mentality. And, while I hate most facets of the small town ideology, the sense of camaraderie and support in small towns is overwhelming. You just do not get that in a city like Melbourne. This has truly been an eye-opening experience.

Now we wait. We wait to see the full extent of the damage, the real ruins of Tully and Innisfail. We wait and see.  And, even though the destruction is horrific and people have lost everything they have, I know that  in true Queensland spirit, "She'll be right, mate".

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Feb. 2nd, 2011 | 12:03 am
I am in:: Too far away to help
I feel:: Terrified
I can hear:: Anxious breath

I don't think I will be getting much sleep tonight. A massive cyclone (currently category 4 and expected to intensify overnight) is expected to cross my home town late tomorrow evening or early Thursday morning. I was born and raised in Cairns, and my whole family is there as well as all of my childhood friends. Karl's mother and Grandmother also live there. Since I heard the news I have been on edge, my heart pounding and my hands shaking. For those of you who don't know, a category 5 cyclone is about as bad as it can get, it is expected to bring King tides of four metres and gale force winds of 280km ph. If it does hit Cairns as a category 5, it will be the worst cyclone to hit Queensland since Cyclone Tracy hit in 1974.

Karl's mother works at the hospital and is busy evacuating ICU, dialysis patients and labouring mothers to a Brisbane hospital. My mother and sister have battened down the hatches and have supplies. But I'm terrified. Utterly scared out of my skull. The two cyclones I have been through have luckily dissipated into moonsoon rain or crossed the coast as a category 1 or 2 (relatively mild). But, there is something about this one. Everyone feels it. I don't think it is going to go away. All I can do from my Melbourne location is watch the news, message my mother and sister and pray to some imaginary God that all of my and Karl's family are safe and sound after nature has done it's worst.

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Make it up.

Jan. 21st, 2011 | 11:30 pm

So, my lovelies. It's Friday night and I am levelling a Night Elf warrior and making sure our kitten does not at her stitches (she was de-sexed this morning and would like to eat her stomach now). But...I just ordered a butt tonne of MAC, Urban Decay, Sugarpill and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics and I cannot wait until they get here. I bought 10 shadows/pigments from MAC and a palette from Sugarpill as well as some lipsticks and lip tars. It also cost me a butt tonne but the quickest way to my heart is through make-up. God, I am trés obsessive. Anywho, when I get it there will be many posts and rantings and ravings.

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